Tom Ghibaldan – Why we’ve merged with Michael Jones

Our recent merger with Michael Jones has been one of collaboration and growth. This partnership signals the start of an exciting journey with the sole focus of offering the very best property services for our customers.

 We understand for many of our customers there are questions around the merger, such as ‘what does this mean for us?’ and ‘will this change the way Brand Vaughan operates?’ We decided to sit down with Tom Ghibaldan, enjoy a cup of tea and answer a few of your burning questions.

Why did you choose to merge with Michael Jones? 

“As the leading independent sales & lettings agent in East Sussex, it felt like a natural progression to combine our knowledge and expertise with the leading agent in West Sussex and cover a broader area to benefit both our clients. Worthing has seen such incredible growth in recent years and many of our vendors are making the move to West Sussex. Rather than establishing our brand there, we approached Michael Jones who are already property experts in the area with an incredible reputation. As a company, we saw Michael Jones as a great business, who have similar values to us and a very similar ethos and approach in delivering the very best service to its clients.

I also felt we could collaborate in several areas such as New Homes and Commercial Property… I see this as a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our offering and expand our reach in these departments.

Most importantly we have a shared vision and collective passion for personal customer service and company excellence.”

How will each company complement the other? 

“I think it’s very important that we keep the brand DNA of the two businesses very strong. Michael Jones has an excellent reputation in West Sussex which was one of the main reasons for us to collaborate with them. Brand Vaughan has an equally well-respected reputation in East Sussex and so we’ve decided to maintain the respective brands of each business, but internally our staff will now be able to collaborate and help customers move cross-region.

We’ll focus on what we can learn from each other concerning skill sharing, marketing approaches, and broadening our range of services over both brands.”

What is the benefit for our customers? 

“Combining our business’s resources, including our customers and properties, will increase performance for all our departments benefitting our buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and investors.

Our customers will see a huge benefit in terms of a wider range of potential applicants looking to buy, as well as a broader variety of properties which we will be bringing to the market. For me, that is one of the major advantages.”

What defines MJ & BV and sets you apart from other agents locally?

“I think it’s important that we’re still run by each company’s founders. Mike Jones was the founder of Michael Jones & Company, while I was one of the founders of Brand Vaughan. The evolution of both companies as independent businesses has ensured each one has a family feel and an identity which is hugely important for our staff and customers.

Brand Vaughan continue to be the top-selling agent in Brighton & Hove selling more properties than any other agent in 2021, while Michael Jones managed the sales of almost half of all properties sold in Worthing in the same year. I believe it is our incredible, highly trained staff, brilliant marketing strategies and strong company ethos which have ensured we have achieved and retained our status in our respective areas.

How are we keeping our company customer-focused and not sales-driven?

“As the leading agent selling more properties than any other, we are of course driven by sales to a certain extent, but without the key focus on customer care and supporting our invaluable team, we would not continue to hold this position year on year.

We believe our total success is due to the expertise, efficiency and passion of our highly trained team, offering a first-class service to our customers. We ensure they feel valued in the workplace and have opportunities for career progression which will only improve with the merger.

Our customers echo this with their loyalty, returning to Brand Vaughan time and time again for each sale, purchase or new let. The reason for this is the incredible customer service they receive at every level of their transaction, and for this, we are immensely proud.”

How will the merger benefit your staff? 

“Our staff will now have access to greater training opportunities, gaining extra knowledge in areas previously inaccessible to them such as Commercial and New Homes where Michael Jones hold the expertise. There will also be opportunities for relocation and career progression, as well as the ability to partner with colleagues in a wider geographical footprint.”

Will this merger change the company values/ ideals? 

“Not at all. We decided to merge our companies based on the fact we held very similar values and ideals. We have spent almost two decades building a solid identity and enviable reputation, founded on our core values. We will continue to build on these together which will only serve to strengthen them further.

All the time I am in this chair, nothing will change. Brand Vaughan will remain a fun, dynamic, and growing company.”

Still have questions?

We understand that you may still have many questions about our merger with Michael Jones. If you have any questions which have not been answered in this interview, feel free to call your local office to chat with our team.

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