Ultimate Guide to Pride 2023

1st Aug 2023

The country’s most popular Pride event comes to Brighton on the 5th and 6th of August and will be brash, beautiful and brilliant.

Welcoming visitors from across the world we come together and fundraise, celebrate, campaign and party with Pride. Making for a vibrant celebration of our community while promoting tolerance, diversity, inclusion and education.

A festival we can all be proud of, Pride 2023 will be a joyous commemoration of the brave trailblazers, campaigners and supporters who shaped the LGBTQ equality we all enjoy today.

Brand Vaughan has seen many a Pride event take place, so below we have outlined everything you need to know! – Your very own GUIDE TO PRIDE. What do expect


First things first 

Expect the unexpected – Brighton Pride is firmly established as the UK’s most popular Pride Festival, attracting a diverse and international audience. Brighton and Hove Pride’s sole ethos is to promote tolerance, diversity, inclusion and education within our communities. It is a vibrant celebration of all that is wonderful about the city’s diverse community with everyone coming together.



The train is your best mode of transport to get into the city, as many of the roads will be closed for the parade, making driving and parking virtually impossible. Listen out for the announcements, as they will have a bit more pizzazz than normal. Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) has enlisted the help of two of Brighton’s most iconic drag queens to give the travel messages over the weekend. Just keep an eye on any potential train strikes that might be planned!

From the station, you have an easy route down to the seafront which is where the parade will start– just head straight south down Queens Road and then West Street until you see the sea (plus you’ll pass plenty of pubs and bars on your way)


What to wear (anything goes)

To put it simply – anything goes. Think face paint, bright colours, rainbows, glitter and sequins. The whole weekend is one big festival and celebration of diversity and equality. However, if something more casual is your thing then you do you. There’s no judgement here!  

That being said, comfort is key when it comes to footwear. You will be doing A LOT of walking and standing. Brighton is set on a hill and from the start of the parade to the festival ground is about a 35-minute walk, so you will want to do your feet a favour.


What to book

There is still tickets left for the Pride Village Party and Fabuloso in the Park! Here you can see some of the world’s biggest superstars, it’s a fantastic event to be a part of, as well as popular favourite attractions including Cabaret Tents, Queer Town, the QTIPoC stage, dance tents and a host of new, diverse and immersive experiences.

If the festival isn’t really your thing and you haven’t booked anything do not fear! There are plenty of bars and clubs that open their doors wide over the weekend. These will get busy so it’s best to have a plan of action (and various backup plans). 

The whole city turns into one big street party so you won’t feel lost about where to go and what to do.


The meaning of pride

We can confidently say that you will have one of the best, most memorable weekends of your life at Brighton Pride, but It's very easy to get lost in the party atmosphere and forget how essential these Pride events are to LGBTQ+ movement and progression. It has taken hard work to bring society to the level of acceptance we find ourselves at today. 

Celebrate, show your support and have fun!


If you would like to speak to our teams for more information about Pride or would like to call this fantastic city home you can contact us here.