What Brighton Pride means to Brand Vaughan

8th Jun 2023
David Gregory

With the country’s most popular Pride event coming to Brighton this weekend the city is excitedly preparing for visitors from across the world to come together and celebrate, campaign and party with Pride. While we are excited to be a part of the vibrant celebrations we also wanted to take time to reflect on what pride means to some of our staff here at Brand Vaughan. Our teams are made up of local residents who live and breathe Brighton & Hove and hold Brighton Pride close to their hearts.

What Does Pride Mean To Me?

“Being Able To Be Unapologetically Me.”

It is about everyone being different and being proud of it. For too long people have had to hide who they truly are. Pride commemorates the Stonewall riots which began in New York back in 1969 after Police raided a known gay bar – The Stonewall Inn. This major event roused the LGBTQ+ community to stand up for their differences, and 1 year later on the anniversary of the event, hundreds of demonstrators marched in the first PRIDE MARCH.

Being Able To Love Whoever And Be Whoever I Want To Be Irrespective Of Sex Or Gender Identity.”

While pride has a deeper meaning you cannot escape the overwhelming sense of joy and happiness that is experienced at Pride, while being emerged in a sea of rainbow colours, glitter, sequins and more, but we shouldn’t forget this event is truly about uniting together.

“Pride Means Being Able To Be Proud Of Who I Am Without Fear, Judgment, Or Discrimination.”

The sense of community that is felt over the Brighton Pride weekend is like no other. Every bar, pub, restaurant and business come together to celebrate. You do not have to be attending the main events to feel included in the weekend.

"It Is A Celebration Of The Amazing Diversity We Have Within This Wonderful City To Remind Us All That No Matter Who You Are, You Are Important, You Matter And That You Are Fabulous!"

We wish everyone attending and taking part in this years Brighton Pride a fantastic weekend!

If you would like to speak to our teams for more information about Pride or would like to call this brilliant city home, you can contact us here.