Why choose energy-efficient properties in Brighton

8th Jun 2023
David Gregory

With more properties coming to the market every month, there is now more choice than before to help you choose your new home in 2022. This is helping reduce the increase in house prices, but also makes the important decision a little more difficult.

There has long been a discussion about whether or not new build and other energy-efficient homes are better value for money when compared to older properties, so here’s the main benefits of choosing a new build and tips on how to make more historic homes more energy efficient.

Why Is Buying An Energy-Efficient Or New Build Home Important?​

Smaller Bills​

New build properties are constructed to meet the most up-to-date EPC ratings guidelines. This means that, unlike older, traditional properties, they will not need any work doing – or money spending – to improve boilers, insulation and the like. Not only will you save money on refurbs and appliances, you’ll also save on your monthly bills which will come in very handy.

Environmental Impact​

Following on from the above, energy-efficient homes are much better for the environment. As the state of our climate grows more important in the minds of millions, the popularity of new build properties has already started rising and is bound to go through the roof. This will instantly put you in great stead if you intend to sell or let the property in the future.

Increased Value​

With popularity comes competition, and with competition comes bidding wars. Demand for property has already hit record highs in 2022, with coastal locations such as Brighton and Hove gaining lots of attention from those looking for greener space. Add this onto the factors of saving on bills and caring for the environment, and opting for a new build is a no-brainer. Their value will only go up over the next few years, too, so if you want to move later down the line, you’ll likely be lining your pockets.

How To Make Your Property More Energy Efficient​


Preventing cold air from entering your property is a key factor in saving energy, and therefore money. External wall cladding, cavity wall insulation, and loft insulation are all great ways of keeping air out.

Double Glazing​

Retaining heat is just as important as stopping cold air getting in. Installing double-glazed glass throughout your property is a sure-fire way to do this and also adds a little extra layer of security to your home.

Get Clever, Get A Smart Meter​

Smart meters do all the hard work for you. You’ll receive automatic electronic reading updates, meaning no more estimated bills and great insight into your energy usage. They also benefit your community by improving grid efficiency.

Having An Efficient Boiler​

Boilers are notoriously troublesome, and no one wants one that emits little heat while guzzles energy. The good news is that the market is expanding all the time, so the right option for you is more accessible than ever.

LED Lighting​

Powering properties is the biggest contributor to home energy the UK. LED lights require less power than standard bulbs, use fewer watts, and can therefore save you lots of money.

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