We've been significantly enhancing our approach, which includes the centralisation of our property management and accounts team, who will now be based at our modern Chapel Road Worthing office, together with our sister company Michael Jones & Company where we've introduced advanced technologies to advance both efficiency and communication.

Your Questions Answered

Our transition strategy is meticulously planned to ensure seamless continuity in services. The Brand Vaughan team, whom you’ve grown accustomed to, will still be available and are relocating to the Worthing office. We are staggering the team’s move to guarantee that the only changes you experience are positive enhancements in our service delivery.

Despite centralising operations, we maintain a robust local presence with team members and contractors readily available for immediate response in emergency situations. Our streamlined processes and dedicated local teams ensure that emergency issues are addressed promptly and effectively, without any delays due to the relocations.

Our newly integrated technologies, like Fixflo and Depositary, are designed to enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency. These platforms allow us to manage properties more effectively, providing clear, time-stamped records and facilitating better communication. This ensures tasks are comprehensively managed, and nothing is overlooked or lost in email correspondences.

In the new operational model, we are evolving from a single assigned property manager to a more effective and specialised team-based approach. While you may not have one dedicated point of contact, rest assured, our enhanced model is designed to deliver improved services and communication.

Worthing’s successful team-based operation since 2019 inspires this approach, where the collective expertise of a diversified team has proven to increase efficiency and proactivity, all under the careful oversight of experienced senior management.

Our commitment to maintaining strong personal relationships and open lines of communication remains steadfast. Our directors, Alan & Hayley, experienced Head of Property Management, Simon, and other senior managers, are readily available for direct communication and personal meetings. We are more than happy to arrange meetings at our Worthing office or one of the Brighton and Hove offices to discuss any concerns or queries you might have. The evolution of our operational model aims to enhance the quality of our services, ensuring comprehensive support, guidance, and accessibility at all times.

The property keys will be relocated to the Marina, which is only 4 miles away, ensuring they remain accessible to tenants, contractors, and landlords. This relocation will not compromise the security or accessibility of the keys; rather it ensures that they are readily available when needed.

We will continue to utilise local tradespeople to ensure cost-effectiveness and quality in services rendered. Our commitment to supporting local businesses remains steadfast, and we are continuously auditing our tradespeople list to ensure swift response times, fair pricing, and exceptional service quality.

Our revised team model is structured for enhanced specialisation and efficiency. We have experienced managers heading each team, ensuring expertise in each property management aspect. This structure facilitates a more focused, effective, and proactive management approach, mitigating the challenges experienced in the previous team model implementations.

All the enhancements and modifications in our operations stem from the valuable feedback we have received. Our commitment is to continuous improvement, adapting our services to meet and exceed expectations, and to deliver unparalleled property management services.

Rest assured, the communication channels remain consistent. You can reach us at our usual contact number, and our dedication to providing timely and effective communication remains a top priority in our service delivery.