The demand for rental properties is currently skyrocketing, resulting in fierce competition among landlords. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the kerb appeal of your property.

What is kerb appeal?

Kerb appeal refers to the overall appeal of a home from the first impression. Having excellent kerb appeal can be the deciding factor for a potential tenant when considering your property.

We have compiled a list of simple and cost-effective ways to enhance your kerb appeal and ensure your property stands out from the rest

Maintain the garden

Keeping the lawn trimmed, planting and maintaining greenery, and ensuring paved areas are weed-free and clean can significantly improve the overall appearance of your outdoor spaces.

Clear paths and driveway

An unkempt driveway or paved area can easily be fixed with a jet wash. Remove any weeds and repair any broken paving slabs to eliminate trip hazards.

Clean windows and window frames

Clean windows not only enhance the attractiveness of your property but also allow more natural light into the space, creating a brighter environment.

Prioritise security

Investing in simple security measures such as good lighting along the path to your property, alarms, and secure locks can go a long way in marketing your rental property.

Highlight the front door

The front door is one of the most crucial features of any rental property. It serves as the entrance to the home and is the first point of contact for potential tenants during a viewing. Basic improvements like cleaning or painting the door can create a much better first impression.

The bottom line: Why is kerb appeal important, and should you consider making these improvements to your property?

As a landlord, you aim to attract responsible tenants who will take care of your property. By maintaining a high standard for the appearance of your property, you will appeal to like-minded tenants. Additionally, a property with excellent kerb appeal can increase rental values, encourage longer tenancies, and contribute positively to the overall appearance of the estate.

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